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NFL Media Signal Ian Rapoport reports in NFL network programs “Competition Day” reported that the Haiying team plans to move in the 2014 season. Labert Potter said: “All the relevant people tell me all the information, and the plan of the Haiying team and the plan of Linqi will have no change.”

Rocky filled with all defensive files in 2013, Roch was filled with 112 compliments, 5.5 times, and forced the ball and 3 times. But in the previous season, the previous quarter was absent. The contract he signed is to the end of 2016, the annual salary of the next season will arrive at 28.0 million. As of now, he has not recovered from his brain volatile symptoms, and more serious may affect his career.

Experience in taking over multiple types of quadrants in coaching careers should help Lavro. Mike Wei said that he intends to build an offensive system suitable for Goff Ability & Mdash; & mdash; Goff in the university’s main dispersion offensive system is very uncomfortable in the professional entrance system. Lavro and Macwei will be responsible for ensuring that Goff will not become a waste wooder.

Cowboy and Line Weiwei – Li Guan Group Contract

Beijing March 10, US Time Saturday, according to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, denim sean lee restructuring contract. The bottom salary of Lee next game changed to $ 3.5 million, and after the incentive bonus, the salary was up to $ 7 million.

However, Li still hopes to make another year. At present, however, how to arrange his role is still unknown. Originally, the cowboy can be cut off his salary space by cutting him, but they would rather let the old will leave. This is probably brought back to the close of Jason Witten, and even the reason for paying five million US dollars. Cowboy management is loyal and human emotions, I don’t know if it is bad.

Lamb Potter commented on Turbin and Michael: “These two people have not become the follow-up hope of the team, and I am more expected that the Haiying team will focus on the high-rise chart of next year, you can pay attention to it today. Melvin Gordon, Melvin Gordon, a record of university single field, John Schneider, is cheap jerseys from china Wisconsin. “

In the next few weeks, there will be a quarter of the employee to return to the Alliance Headquarters Office. This person is less than the guidelines of New York restart. According to the regulations, the office can accommodate half of the employees to work and everyone must cover their faces in the 6-foot range of others.

Rams appoints the Falcon before the four-point guard, Lavro, served as an offensive coach

The superb bowl has just been concluded, and the Domino dominers in the joint entry coordinator in the alliance fell quickly.

The team has been looking for Lynch’s successor, and the Turbin and Christine Michael were taken at the 2012 and 2013 season election. However, in addition to occasional fantastics, these two have no heavy responsibilities as the main running guard.

The raid people are reimbursed in the middle of the monarchy, fear of career

If the Auckland raid team intends to improve this season under the leadership of Tony-Spartarano, then they must overcome the difficulties of the loss of key defense starters. As the saying goes, the housing leaks live in the rain. The raids of the wounded soldiers are often transmitted. Wednesday team announced that the Nick Roach will be placed in the injury reserves and announced this season.

After Atlantan Femplay, Steve Sarkisian, Steve Sarkisian, was served as an offensive coordinator, and the Los Angeles rash was hired former Falcon four-point guards on Matt Lafleur as an offensive coordinator.

In addition, the Executive Vice President of the Competition Operational Vice President Troy Vincent and other executives have also returned. Brian McCarthy released his own photo of the Office in the tweet, vice president of NFL.

Roger Goodell, President, is one of the employees who return to the headquarters office. Since the office of the headquarters in March, Goodel has been working in their own basement, including hosting this year’s NFL draft.

The raid team has signed the signing of the Line of the Signal City Owl Jamar Chaney as a replacement of Miles Burris cheap Jerseys from china the weak side line. Because Briser is a mid-range guard, the pavement of Jason Taffer, the pavement defense, and the total alliance is the second, even if they have a rookie Haller-Mike this year. Strong side.

Lavro has served as a falcon four-point guard in two seasons. He has served as a four-year-off coach at the University of Notre Dame. His NFL coach was started in 2008, and he served as the Attack Quality Control Coach of Houston Texas.

It is reported that such opportunities will be launched by Wensant, have obtained a large number of NFL support, including the old coach Tom Coughlin and John Madden, the excellent players in the Alliance can go to the draft Even professional bowls.

Many people’s voice in these people is that the current competition cannot ensure their high quality participation, Troy Vincent’s chairman said that there may be such a development alliance in next year.

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