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Last season, Dedgs was only half the number of Viking people, but the team also entered the playoffs. After two consecutive years, the season will be lost, and Digg is not hit, but he said he was grateful to the achievements in this year and did not complain about anyone or the team.

The external guard missed four games in the season, but after appointed Levi, after the serve of the game, the Lion coach Jim Cardville also said that Levi has recovered. Health can be played. “I think you may be able to assume this,” Kadville said.

“I did not consider this,” Sherman replied, “but we will try to get everything back on track, I will try to recover and regain heroic hope to recover all the wounded can be uneventful. I hope Kanmu – Chancellor (Kam Chancellor) can continue to play, I hope all went well with his recovery but large changes in the list appears to be the inevitable. “.

It is said that Hill is not free to hurt. Tim Tim Tim Tim Tim, the body is strong, but the passing skills are put together with all four baffles of the league, Timbo’s pass is the most Rotten, no one, but he can always win his team like a holy baby. When he just led the team into the US semi-final, the wild horses were accidentally cut, and his new east jet once hoped that he can become a whole-power warrior, Timbo, with Tibo. Talent and exercise ability, complete strength than Hill is more excellent, but the jet offensive coordinator Tony-Spartano is limited, it is not very use of Tibo, plus Tiibo’s heart just wants to fight four-point guard In the end, the grass is broken, six years later, a 28-year-old second-grade old player Ta Soham Hill completed the unique great cause of genius Tibo. Therefore, it is not difficult to chase the dream. It is willing to be ordinary. Tibin is willing to play baseball and do not want to spend ordinary in the football court.

Some people think that Allen’s wonderful performance is just a flower. At the interview on Thursday, Digz said: “I feel different from yourself. & Hellip; & hellip; I witnessed his efforts, putting time & hellip; & hellip; he played the performance of the elite level, I hope people can be more Appreciate him, appreciate the excellent ability to show his four-point guard. He is really good this year, but people seem to have forgotten him quickly. Please take him as MVP, because I am mvp in my heart. “

The lion is in the next game with the record of the four-game defeat, and they are the only team that the Union is the only master. In the first two weeks, they are difficult to do a good job in the midway anti-transmission in the game.

Said back to this attack, in fact, in the front of this attack, Titan used an exact same station, Cheap nfl jerseys Henry took the ball after hard crossing 5 yards, and played a great intimidation of Texas people’s defensive team. effect. Then, the attack will continue to maintain the list. Taylor runs “jet sweeping the ball attack on the left side”, Henry is gently throwing forward, Taylor Cheap nfl jerseys takes the right to take the right ” Two near-ends + one outer junction took 8 yards. In fact, this attack does not have anything, it seems that there is only two threats of this attack: Henry is moving toward weak sides or midway, or Taylor’s horizontal running ball from strong side to find opportunities, tactical design The exquisite is far less than that of Philadelphia.

The general manager of the pirate is called Wenston to reduce the mistake

Previously, according to the local media of Tampa Bay, Tampawan pirate rookie quartz Swan Jameis Winston was transferred to the pass training under the prestige of defenders on Monday, 5 times before 5 passed 3 times, However, it is better to play gradually and smoothly in the second half of the training. It has static contrast that Tennessee Media has reported almost on the same day, saying that MARCUS Mariota has not yet passed over a training camp.

Almost exactly the two goals, in addition to Falls is no longer like a super bowl to go to the right cut-off, the two goals have some slight differences, first is the tactical board of the ball on the super bowl:

Levi will automatically strengthen the championship that has begun to make progress but the first month of the season still has a bad lion defensive group. Levi is one of the best anti-transmission lines in the alliance, and is also the best defensive player in the lion.

Although this contrast does not have much practical significance, after all, there are few variables and there are too many variables, such as the defense of pirates is obviously better than Titan, but this is still caused Jason, General Manager of Pirates. (JASON Lich, he said in an interview: “Winston has a feature that he is very confident, dare to shoot, this also brings high popularity. But we hope that he can try to take the number of mistakes Control to the least. “

Sherman fate of the issue was that people repeatedly mentioned in the last offseason, he turned 30 years old in March this year, the final year of the contract period. If the Seahawks choose parted ways with him, they could save $ 11 million in salary cap space.

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