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In a relatively short period of time, McDemot is injects the tough team culture, and the team known as a team known as a competitive team is a team that is known only by the defensive group. Bill returned to the playoffs in the 2017 season, ended the dilemma since the 1999 season started. And in the last season, they look very likely to create threats in the playoffs.

For 5 years in career, the performance state of the wave is unfoxious. The 2013-2014 season is his two seasons. In the last 2 seasons, he has declined, and he has completed a one-year contract with the Falcon, if it performs excellent He has the opportunity to get a big contract.

After he became the first after 2015, Cousins ​​was one of the best four-point guards in the alliance. He has been waiting for red skin to open a long time in the past two seasons. Now he is about to become a free player, and many teams have queued to show him that they are more important than the red skin.

However, in the pirate partition opponents, a first angle guard believes that there is more powerful of pirates to see it. Janolis Janoris Jenkins said in an interview on Thursday that he is only concerned about his team.

The draft plan is to maintain a second bit and choose a quadrant. They will choose Wilson unless there is other interference. The general manager of the jet said that if their draft is between 12-14, then they will leave Darod.

“He is already very close,” Joseph said, “He has the potential to ignore the potential. Although people often ignore this, he is the diligent child. Karnam can be his example Case has experienced a variety of things, but in the end, he still showing his ability. He is very tough. It can work with such a good thing to Linqi is a good opportunity. “

Although Bill was defeated by Houston Texas to defeat, McDemurt and General Manager Brandon Brandon Beane have made Bill to prepare for the future. With the growth of Swan Allen, the growth of Star Allen, Stefon Diggs, the Bill offensive group or the excellent level of the defensive group. They are expected to threaten the dominance of new England patriots in partition.

“Viking will be one of the teams that are chasing the Jacchksins,” said Garalow explained. “I have been told by many people. I will not say that they can sign him. But I don’t think they have a very powerful reason to attract Cousins, they can tell him to see our defense, see us Go to see everything we have achieved. You can join us and immediately compete immediately. “

“We only care about the Saints of New Orleans,” Jenkins said. “We don’t care about other teams now. We will come, once again attack and defense, it becomes better, we work hard every week. We understand that you said, Tampa Bay has some new weapons, there is The new quarter-saving. This is just on the paper, you have to play out on the court. We only care about the Saints of the New Orleans now. “

The wild horse coach believes that the quadrotaekamum can help Lynch

When the trading window was opened, the wild horses were signed for two years with the four-point Guce-Karnham (Case Keenum). They are also assessing this rookie four-defense. Two things make Paxton Lynch danger in the mangodia.

Douglas said: “Eventually, for Sam, a rookie quadrant, coach (Robert Saleh) and his employees and other players in the dressing room, this is not the best.” “We It is believed that the transaction is the best decision to move forward the entire team, (so) Click the reset button. “

Wholesale nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian RapoPort also provides similar reports: “They will try to chase Cousins. From what I know, Minnesota Weijing has practically existed Ke. Kukus. Of course, they can attract Cousins’ s place is their current lineup. They entered the national conclusion in the case of Kenham, and they have a defensive group that has been completed. This defensive group will have many years. They have two excellent external hands, two excellent running guards. Viking has a lot of Cousins ​​likes. “

“Money will play original role, we have discussed the average of up to 30 million US dollars per season, because you rarely see this quadrant entering the free player market. But Minnesota Wein will try to chase Tirk – Coss, you can believe this. “

In fact, if the wave can keep your weight at 300 pounds of this snail, he can get 500,000 US dollars. It is reported that his weight test time is this Tuesday, the training camp began, regular season and November.

Multi-Tari-wave control weight can get 125,000 US dollars

Beijing June 13th, Eddie Lacy, is not the only player who can get rewards in NFL, US Tuesday, if the Atlantian false eagle’s multi Tari-wave (Dontari PoE) keeps weight at 330 You can get a $ 125,000 reward below.

Joe Douglas, General Manager of Jet, Douglas: Draft and financial status Let us decide to pay Darod

Joe Douglas, General Manager of New York Jet, said in explaining the largest transaction in his two-year term, the decision of Sam Darnold is based primarily on two factors: draft And financial status.

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