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At that time, he will not return to the team in the 2016 season, the Naval Secretary-General Submit on Thursday in the US Time: “We have a long-awaited hand from the patriot, and he can take care of the two heads last season. Currently he is allocated. Service is served on a ship, maybe he will leave the patriot a year. “

This does not mean that Qifusler is more likely to get a new contract of the Hawk. Labotport reported that the negotiations between both parties did not progress. The sea eagle has always been tough, and he is not willing to negotiate the contract with him in the case of the money contract. He just signed a new contract in 2013.

Unknown factors: The clock is returned to seven months. The super bowl that is loaded into the history of the history. The time that Seattle people’s sadness, Carol made a worst tactical choice, but if Wilson The goal goal is not Ricardo – Lockte, but a reliable red zone murder? The 即 海鹰 is almost looted to Jimmy-Glaham. The sea eagle is excessive to the end and the shortcomings, and Glaham is just two all things. Plus the Datong of the style – Bald Wen Jiemein Kelf, the Haiye actually sent Kevin Novo, “poverty” in the recent generous, but the fact is true? Baldwin and Kersays are not talented and superficial, most is the familiarity of Wilson let them complete cooperation, while Glaham is just contrary, he has unlimited talents, but lacks tacit understanding. Please remember that a word, defense and pavement offensive determines the lower limit of the team, but the pass attack is determined.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the giant and other teams have contacted the Hawks to express their intention to get Qifusler. But Pottport also means that the Hawks don’t want to open any transaction negotiations.

Unfortunately, he didn’t work with your brother J.J. Watt (J. Watt). According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, J.J. Watter recently accepted a knee cleaning turtle, but he also said that he is not an income.

Harrison is from the reporter to get this news, but did not know this from the coach group, but it seems that he does not think about it. The 39-year-old Steel Human History said that the first person said: “If this is what they want me, then I have no problem.”

It is worth having concern: Maybe the boss Jude York should ask the Feng Shui master to see if the team and jeans stadium are not equal, and everything you have suffered from the past year after moving. Jim Tom Sula has no master, from the appearance of the preseason, his leading response and the passion of the game are far less likely. Fernon – Davis lost the speed, the third exterior, the offensive front line was taken empty, the four nine people offensive group face the crisis of the shortage of people. The defensive front line lost deterrence, the inner line guards are no longer, lack the elite outer rushing hand, lack the number one corner guard and the slot angle, so from the depth of the lineup, most teams are worried that the star cannot produce chemical response , Four nineteen people are simple lack of stars. Four nineteen people are now rotten, and the raids in the same city are really like the same.

It is worthy of confidence: The ram has not been dyed in the district champion for more than a decade, but this does not hinder them in accordance with their own ideas to build a defensive group. In addition to the list of Chris Lang, the front line seven groups are Robert Kuina, Aaron – Donald, Michael Brox, Alek – Ogtery and James – Lauric Natis is In the middle of the first round, in this extremely easy to output the parallel range, the eyes of the ram are accurate. Defensive latter is more mysterious, Jeunnis-Jenkins, EJ Genz, Rodney McLud, TJ Macdona and Ramus – Joeanel come from two rounds or later rounds, no The first round of rookie can play a good performance, and the miracle of the defensive line of the ram. Of course, there is a common point in the sheep defensive group: whether it is high, whether the body is sufficient, Wholesale jerseys but the speed and agility are put in the first place, the defensive front line can interfere with the four-point guard, the wire guard can complete the defense, defense The defender can keep watching the ball, in short, the ram has already made a good job in the time of passing the ball, and the defense of the new season ram will still make each other feel that they are a hard bone. In addition, the player “leg shock” Greg – Zullein’s shooting power is still amazing, abandoning the player Johni – Horse abandonment accuracy is also praised by the world, the first quarter group also played several times several times.

At the same time, the Hawks are preparing to cope with the lack of money. They use a fifth round of draft selection rights to the Kansas City Chief Safety Wei Kyle McRay, which will strengthen the depth of the position.

There is an act of a conduct in the labor agreement that it may make Tangsil’s penalties from the banned regulations. This terms are included in the first two years of players earling in the first two years.

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