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As the season entered an end, the playoffs of Guohuan District has become increasingly white, and the early season is disappointing at the near-term state of Atlantian big hunt. After the last week, the number of victory will be the same after the last week. The same achieved five games, so this partition civil war is self-evident for the importance of the saints, it is clear that the ending of the painful loss is difficult to satisfy the Saints of the scene, the first quarter ends they have come to black The leopard hit a 17:0, an angry fan even gave a beer bottle to the referee after a referee, and this moment was captured by the photographer.

Anger, crazy Saint fans throw a beer bottle to the refereeThe New Orleans Saint Shouzhao is at home to meet the Tonglina’s black panther in the country of the country. It is one of the games that have a view today. However, these two levels of the team did not have a championed one side. The game, the black panther was washed in 41:10 blood.

He said in an interview: “To tell the truth, the retirement of Wei Zhentian is I have not expected, I think I need to talk to him, see if I can advise him to re-come out, give him some could not reject the conditions In addition, there are many young players who are afraid because of fear of brain volatile or because some of the personal reasons will be retired early, so many people are far away from the stadium, which makes me a bit confused. “Talking about his original decommissioned decision, he Emphasized that he was also struggling at the time.

Li was hurting the leg teen in the last two minutes of the premium of the squid, after the two games were absent. In the absence of his absent, the cowboy lost to the ram and packwork, wholesale jerseys and released the 754 propulsion code (328 yard shock) and 70 points.

It is reported that the package of the package will be 45 US dollars or 62 US dollars. There is no particularly cheap, and the regular season tickets will be $ 95 and 122 dollars, and the original increase is 5%.

But the left disappearance Tyron Smith still needs time to restore the back injury. Smith participated in the 337-stage offensive group. The main coach Jason Garrett said: “He is a bit inflammation, we will help him as much as possible, let him play the best performance on Sunday.”

The former male lion is to persuade “Wei Zhentian” to return to retirement decisionThe front Detroit Lion King, “Wei Zhentian” Calvin Johnson officially announced a declaration, only 30 years old, who is still in the peak period, I have chosen to retire and let the fans. I feel very regret. This couldn’t help but remember that the former lion star running icy-Sanders, Sanders also selected retired in the peak period, when he was only 1457 yards from the history of the history, no accident He will definitely break this record, but this is eventually bubble.

Early early retreating this kind of thing is still a very rare thing in Sanders, but now it has become a homemade, there are many young players who have already retired in the past two years, and the light is Dibrik Xiao-Fergsen. (D & # 39; Brickshaw Ferguson, 32 years old) and AJ-AJTARPLEY, 23-year-old) two still-proud players decided to leave the game, such retired waves let Sanders have some puzzles.

According to the ticket price of the survey package, it is 19th in the League. Because the packaging worker is a fans as a partner team, it is the only situation in the US sports world. This part of the income may be to fill the refurbishment of the stadium.

After the end of the ban on the ban on the ban, Brown and pirates signed a contract & mdash; & mdash; after the bottom salary was just 55,000 US dollars, after joining Tampa Bay, Brown’s last five regular season were first ranked first, no appearance The ball is off. He can set up more possibilities for pirate attacks on the outside, inside or backfields, and shift emergency stop capabilities.

Pirates & Extension Antonio – Brown for about a year US Time Wednesday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, pirates and external hands Antonio-Brown, Contrand for one year, including $ 3.1 million security, plus the incentive bonus, up to 6.25 million US dollars.

The brown career is eight years ago for steel people, and it has been selected for professional bowls, and 4 times will be selected for a while. In the 11 years, Brown completed 886 battles, promoted 11746 yards, reached 79 times.

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