(PDF) Are Immigrants More Likely To Commit Crimes?

Aokia and Todo (2009) looked at the connection between migration and crime in France, discovering conflicting results [103]. Initially, it seems that crime rates are positively correlated with the share of immigrants in the inhabitants (vital to 0.05); nevertheless, if controlled for economic circumstances this correlation turns into insignificant, “immigrants are not ‘inherently’ more more likely to commit crimes than the rest of the population” [103]. The information obtained for this analysis indicates that departments which might be high for overseas inhabitants also have some overlap with areas that illustrate excessive crime rates (Haute-Savoie, Alpes Maritimes, Paris and site (asusuwa.com) surrounding areas).

An earlier draft of the legislation required the French host to notify the authorities of the foreigner’s arrival in and departure from private houses. The laws was amended on February 19 to shift the reporting burden from the French host to the foreigner; the host requests the certificate, and the alien turns it in to authorities when leaving France. Information are to be destroyed after three months.

This photograph was taken in Paris, France this previous October. It is an illustration of how critical people are about their sexuality in France. These ladies stood in entrance of the others and kissed. The group of women who are so rudely staring behind them are a group called Alliance VITA. They are an affiliation that could be very in opposition to the concept of gay-marriage. The Alliance VITA is actually rioting exterior the Elysee Palace after they heard concerning the legislation being introduced up by Hollande.

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