The France Growth Fund, Inc.: No Action Letter Dated July 15, 2021

This “loophole” in Part 12(d)(1) was closed by the enactment in 1996 of the National Securities Markets Enchancment Act (“NSMIA”). NSMIA amended the 1940 Act to permit, in impact, registered funding companies to invest in private funds exterior the scope of Section 12(d)(1), while subjecting personal funds to the restrictions of Part 12(d)(1) with respect to their investments in registered funding companies.6

The contents of the letter have been disturbing. However so was the timing, coming because it did on the 60th anniversary of the failed generals’ putsch of 1961, when generals of the French Military tried to topple President Charles de Gaulle. Certainly, it’s hardly surprising that it sparked an extraordinary scandal, with authorities ministers threatening to punish all of the letter’s signatories.

As you may see in the picture, based on the reference price range, the minimum wage would not be enough to cover the minimal quantities of most gadgets. In response to this calculation, there could be a shortfall of € 440 monthly. Nonetheless, there are some objects during which there is a surplus that can be used to steadiness the finances in different items. Rent budget in column B can also be quite low in comparison with the reference finances. As I already mentioned, this calculation does not consider social aids and neither does the truth that this person could apply to social housing that are cheaper. With these and other changes it is possible to stability the price range. One other example is transaportation, because this funds considers having a car, if this individual used solely public transportation that would drastically scale back this merchandise.

The AMF is the competent authority for the marketing of funding funds in France and should evaluate your advertising and marketing materials before the launch of your product or during the life of the product, whether these supplies relate to CIUs governed by French law or site ( international UCITS admitted for advertising in France.

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