Just Like In Any Skincare Routine

This is an important part of Korean skincare that’s normally not included in the typical Western skin care routine. Since each pores and skin has its personal set of points, right here is where you may customize your regimen. Select the serum or essence that may best fit your skin-might or not it’s dry, oily, delicate, or acne prone.

In keeping with Zoe Draelos, MD, Consulting Professor at Duke University, the Korean shampoo approach to skincare has some validity because, “instead of using a strong surfactant, oil-primarily based products help to remove make-up, whereas water soluble merchandise assist to eliminate any remaining make-up,” she says. “The essence comprises a humectant, which rehydrates the pores and skin as a lot sebum has been removed from the cleansing steps. A separate moisturizer is required for the eyes as a result of it is a dryer space, these products are normally more occlusive for more moisturization.”

For full protection or a more dewy look, cream contouring or a contouring stick may be your finest wager. Cream contouring products can accentuate oiliness on oily pores and skin types, so opt for this option if you’re on the drier side. A magnificence sponge or angled blender brush are your greatest associates when using cream contour. A sponge works nicely on giant floor just like the cheeks and forehead, while an angled blender brush helps you attain smaller areas like the sides of your nostril and the attention sockets. Some swear by beauty sponges and others use only a brush, so have some enjoyable and experiment with each.

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