Waterproofing Methods For Bored Tunnels

Peter D’Antonio, who oversees tunnel gross sales for Sika Sarnafil, notes, “Proper waterproofing of tunnels is some of the price-efficient methods to increase the useful life of these structures and enhance security. Water seeping into a structure endangers the building supplies through the freeze-thaw cycle, with water freezing inside cracks and inflicting them to enlarge.

A roofing contractor will be able to carry out an infrared survey to learn the way much, if any, of the insulation, is saturated. If 25% or less of your roof’s insulation is saturated, it can be eliminated and patched with new, dry insulation. Anything over 25% normally warrants a full roof replacement; your trusted roofing contractor can suggest the perfect route when evaluating your insulation.

Crystalline-enhanced shotcrete is particularly useful for remedial waterproofing in bored tunnels, as it can be utilized to the damaging (inside) face. The Washington D.C. Metro System used crystalline merchandise from Xypex to restore extreme leakage problems in several miles of tunnels, as well as passageways, mechanical rooms, equipment vaults, elevator shafts and passenger stations. In this case, the waterproofing was utilized as a slurry coat over the defective concrete.

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