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Our dining room is sort of empty in the mean time, really we’re getting a brand new dining room table right now! Extra on that later. However for now I threw a tablecloth over an outdated dining desk we present in our basement.. hey it really works! & we hung curtains! These Ikea curtains are lower than $20 a pair. You actually can’t go mistaken. The curtain rods were bought virtually 5 years ago for our North Carolina house from Walmart & they’re nonetheless going sturdy! These curtains are super subtle & impartial shocking.. I know but they do add a tender edge & really make the home slightly cozier.

What sort of PVC strip ought to I take advantage of? This can depend upon where the curtain is hanging, the size of it and what kind of visitors would possibly need to maneuver by means of it. For normal ambient temperature areas and/or chillers above 0°C we would suggest Customary PVC spec. For freezer or sub-zero environments we might advocate Polargrade PVC spec (this comprises more plasticiser to help the PVC keep versatile). Polargrade PVC needs to be averted in areas above freezing as the extra plasticiser can make the PVC over-over-stretchy and sticky to the contact. This can make passing through harder. We also have specialist PVC for meals preparation and welding environments. For heights as much as approx 3m we’d typically recommend 200mm or 300mm large strips. For heights from 3m-5m we would typically advocate 300mm or 400mm wide strips. For heights above 5m we’d usually suggest 400mm huge strips. The thickness of the PVC to go for will depend on how strong you need the curtain to be with the intention to withstand weather and/or site visitors. Thinner PVC can be more lightweight and easier to move though, however much less effective in opposition to robust wind or rain. The opposite will apply for thicker PVC.

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