Electrical Equipment Supply For Oil, Gasoline, Petrochemical, Power & Mining

A small but extraordinarily important element to electrical project provide, conduit fittings may cost little but are extremely essential. Grayford Industrial only present the very best high quality conduit fittings as our aim is to offer reliable electrical installations. Utilizing inferior merchandise will cost more in the long run even with preliminary cost saving benefits, and should not conducive to the smooth operation of our client’s facilities as they cause shutdowns and unscheduled repairs.

Meters and accessories are of different types corresponding to energy meters, VAF meters, voltmeters, energy issue meters, frequency meters, multifunction meters, Twist Locking and energy meters. The merchandise that we present as part of this category have been procured from reputed manufacturers reminiscent of SELEC, Sigma, Dolphin Automation, Crown, Unitech Engineers and so on.

This specialty power cord is supposed to be used with all of the Trusted Clear extractors listed beneath. The twist lock attaches to the plug on the end of your extractor and heater, and ensures that the extension cord will not turn into disconnected from the extractor because of the twist locking mechanism. One finish of the cord has a normal electrical plug with floor, and the opposite end is a twist lock. This extension cord can found in our miscellaneous carpet extractor components section, and in any of the components manuals of the next machines.

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