6 Finest Blackout Curtains Of 2021 – Blackout Shades For Light Sleepers

To help you find the perfect blackout curtains to your window wants, the good Housekeeping Institute tests an array of fabric-based products in our Textiles Lab – whether or not it’s for locating finest sheets, strolling sneakers, or in this case, curtains. In a take a look at for the very best-performing blackout curtains, our Lab specialists consider the curtains’ opacity utilizing an ordinary light. Then, dozens of shopper testers give their opinion on how much light was seen by way of the blackout curtains when utilizing them in actual life.

Earlier than I start, I’d just wish to say that what I need to say listed here are just options. None of my solutions are written down in stone. All I’m making an attempt to do right here is offer you an thought or two in order for you to get a basic understanding of where to hang curtains and the place to grasp draperies around your home. So let’s get started…

Every panel features attractive bronze grommets that are 1.6 inches in diameter. These panels are available two different sizes: 80 inches by 96 inches and a hundred inches by 96 inches. With 21 different solid colors starting from crimson red to sky blue, there are plenty of options for matching your home’s decor. These curtains are machine washable, making them easy to keep up.

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