Dr. Thomas H. Kerr, D.C., P.C

Generally speaking, the affected person usually feels delicate when fengchi is punctured. Yet, routine needling approach can only trigger the native sensation of soreness and distention with out needling transmission, and this would possibly affect the therapeutic effect. Historic physicians mentioned “Acupuncture is efficient when qi arrives.” So, to promote needling sensation running proper to the affected area is very important to enhance the therapeutic impact….Proper needling is able to transmit the needling sensation to the attention, ear, frontal, and temporal areas along the working course of the Shaoyang, Yangwei, and Yangqiao channels. This is the reason fengchi can be utilized to deal with diseases of the five sense organs.

This course prepares the pupil for fulfillment on the Foundations of Oriental Drugs certification examination by rigorously reviewing and testing the student’s information base of TCM ideas, modes of diagnosis, chinese medicine and treatment strategies. The scholar will establish areas of weakness with a purpose to more effectively conduct their exam preparation, and will be taught effective test-taking strategies utilizing crucial thinking abilities. This course focuses on the specific areas of study advisable within the NCCAOM candidate handbook.

In TCM the Kidney organ/vitality system also contains the adrenal glands, the ovaries in girl and the testicles in men (known as the exterior kidneys) The Kidneys management sexual and reproductive functions of the body and are the prime source of sexual vitality, which is thought to be a major indicator of health and Immunity. The Kidneys are accountable for our growth, development, reproductive features, bones, bone marrow, including the spine and mind and they control the fluids of the physique.

From one other perspective, cystic breasts, Yuen says, are a problem of ascendant liver yang. That is hyperparathyroid perform with the host of liver yang ascendant symptoms: purple eyes, irritability, complications, premenstrual adjustments. This is similar to Maciocia’s idea of stagnation of pathology of the liver channel, although Yuen has a different spin. (2)

There are different techniques of classification which might be based on the ‘physical’ properties of the herbs. The ‘five-element’ theory relies on taste (bitter, bitter, candy, pungent and salty). One other conventional classification involves 4 properties of herbs (cold, warm, heat and cool) in order that ‘hot’ signs are handled with ‘cold’ herbs. Alternatively, herbs could also be classified by way of course (ascending, descending, floating and sinking) or in relation to treatment of assorted organs, e.g. herbs for ‘calming the liver and suppressing wind’[8].

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