All American Waterproofing & Spray

Our customary waterproofing system features a seamless waterproofing membrane, paired with a drain mat or safety board that protects the membrane and directs water to the drainage system, eliminating hydrostatic pressure. The success of a waterproofing system relies on correct application and adhesion. Problems with software and adherence to the substrate can result in leakage and waterproofing failure. Our expertise within the waterproofing business ensures that each step might be taken for proper installation of our merchandise.

Working with Helitech has been an ideal experience. All the personnel that we came in touch with have been very skilled and caring towards my elderly mother and father and their situation. Kevin Estes provided a calm presence during the whole process. The Poly Jacking Staff which was lead by Trent was incredible. Trent offered an entire and through rationalization concerning each room he treated. A Five Star assessment to their customer service. These members of the Helitech Group made a irritating state of affairs go very smoothly and without incident. Thank you

Aggregate Surfacing: Properly formulated and installed SPF is quite resistant to liquid water. Subsequently, aggregate of the dimensions used on BUR techniques could be utilized straight over the foam. At parapets and tools curbs, one of the beforehand described coatings is applied on the vertical surfaces and out several inches onto the sector of the roof. Because water vapor can migrate via the foam, the aggregate surfacing option shouldn’t be specified in conditions the place the annual internet vapor circulate is downwards. As with aggregate-surfaced BUR, consideration must be given to aggregate blow off.

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