Seashore Highway Scissors Reduce Curry Rice, Jalan Besar – The City Lane

SINGAPORE | Beach Street Scissors Minimize Curry Rice is housed in a small store-house in Jalan Basar that serves up an assortment of scrumptious Hainanese dishes like curry rice, fried rooster chop, ngo hiong and yong tau foo. An assortment of things are displayed next to the small kitchen, but turnover is fast so that you might be assured that everything’s fresh. You simply walk up and make your order, and the elements are piled onto a plate for you then slathered with the well-known curry.

Facet 1. Fried Fish with Chilli Sauce 2. Stir Fried Prawns 3. Steamed Promfret 4. Fried Lime Hen 5. Spicy Rooster 6. Semur Daging 7. Darkish Sauce Kampung Rooster 8. Char Siew 9. Chives Dumplings 10. Beef Potato Patties 11. Rooster Nuggets 12. Potato Nuggets 13. Steamed Fish & Vegetable Nuggets with cheese 14. Curry Vegetables 15. Braised Mushrooms 16. Scrambled Egg with Broccoli 17. Steamed Silky Egg 18. Braised Tea Egg 19. Cheese Carrot Egg 20. Cabbage Omelette 21. Baked Cheese Toufu 22. Masala Vadai 23. Garlic Bread

Nevertheless if you want to make this even healthier and decrease in calories, Cauliflower Rice is one other great possibility. My favourite option to make cauliflower rice is by roasting it as per this Roasted Cauliflower Rice recipe. The roasting offers it a lovely flavour that makes it the proper side for any curry.

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