How to select the right pressure washer? Deciding which pressure washer to purchase can be an overwhelming task

How to select the right pressure washer?

Deciding which pressure washer to purchase can be an overwhelming task.

If you buy a unit that is not powerful enough for the cleaning job you are performing, it will useless. On the other hand, if you buy a washer that is too powerful for your needs, you may damage the object that you are trying to clean and you will end up spending more money than necessary trying to repair it.

Here is a general guideline on how to make a wise choice for your investment:

·First, you have to determine what are the jobs you will be performing with your pressure washer. Your work may range anywhere from washing a car, patio, barbecue grill, boat, your home to commercial, agricultural and industrial work. There are three major categories of pressure washers: residential, commercial and industrial.

Residential units are designed to work up to 500 hrs, commercial 2000 hrs and industrial around 3000 hrs of operation. Homeowner type machines use aluminum pump heads and plastic valves. As such, they do not wear well. Commercial machines use brass heads and much more durable parts then the consumer line.

Industrial machines are built with the best quality components including forged brass pump heads and stainless steel valves. As such, they do not easily corrode like aluminum found in homeowner type units.

·Second, you will have to make a decision whether you want to use an electric, gasoline, diesel or oil powered power washer. The electric pressure washers can be used where electricity is a must. The other three types have fuel tanks that can store diesel or gasoline fuel, consequently offering more flexibility and mobility.

Keep in mind that diesel and gasoline powered units are not intended to be used indoors. They are excellent for cleaning large areas in remote surroundings where no electricity is available. You must properly vent the exhaust coming out of the machine if you plan to use it inside the building.

Electric power washers are usually lighter and less expensive then gas or diesel units. Hydraulic power washers are very economical since they use a live hydraulic source readily available (sources such as tractors, combines. etc.). That’s why they are very popular in agriculture.

·Third, your last selection will be to determine if you need a cold water pressure washer or hot water pressure washer. When deciding between the two, keep in mind that some jobs cannot be completed without the characteristic that differentiates these two from each other.

The hot water units have an additional feature – they generate hot water. Cold water units will do an excellent job on any surface except where oil, grease, gum, and fuel stains are present. For those applications you must consider hot water machine.

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